Easter Message to Dominican Sisters

By Sr. Therese Antoine

May the peace, joy and hope of the Risen Lord continue to be our source of life!  I just love Easter!  This season reminds us of the meaning of our life here on earth – to give God glory and honour and praise for the wonderful gift of Love!

Jesus entered into the Passion with great faith and love in His Heavenly Father.  The result of that act of self-giving was a transformation from ‘wanting the cup to pass from him’ to fully accepting and doing the will of His Father.  His death allowed another transformation to take place – the Resurrection.  This movement from death into life is one of the most treasured gifts of humanity, and indeed, the whole of creation.  Truly nothing is impossible for God!’

I believe that when God takes, He also gives.  He took death and He gave Life.  In reflecting on this, we can be assured that when He takes something from us, He always gives us something in return.  Sometimes we go through rough times especially in relation to losses;  He may have taken a loved one, but in return the bonds of unity may have been strengthened.  When I look in the mirror and realise that there are more grey hairs now than ever before, I think to myself perhaps I should dye my hair but I remember the saying that the grey is a sign of wisdom, it may be a bit true, if one can count the experiences of life as an opportunity for gaining wisdom.  So He takes my black and gives me grey, he has transformed my foolishness of youth into a deeper meaning and understanding of life.

Some of you may be well on in years, or suffering because of health reasons and can say that the Lord has taken away the agility of youth and the ability to do many things or to do things as you once used to, but you should reflect on what blessings the Lord has showered upon you over the years:  friendships, family ties, opportunities, events and celebrations, memories that tell of the wonders He has done for you, all because He loves you.  Dwell not on what you have lost but rather on what has been gained, given in love.  He has transformed you in a new way so that we can still give glory and honour and praise, even without teeth, with hair loss, cataract, shuffling feet and broken tired bodies.  If you can read this it means that you still have life, you are not dead yet, so count your blessings and say “Praise God, Thank You Jesus for loving me so much!”

God is so good, He has taken our darkness and doubt, our short sightedness and stubbornness and given us Light; He has taken our grumbling and complaining, our pettiness and prejudice and given us New Life;  He has taken our nothingness and given us EVERYTHING;  He has taken our emptiness and given us His Fullness:

To Him be Glory and Honour and Praise!

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