Words of Wisdom from Our Foundress

A Selection of Words of Wisdom from Reverend Mother Sr. Dominic of the Cross Gand, Foundress of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena

May our hearts be big, – not as the world, – that is too small, but like unto infinity.

I ask God to give you love and that is all.  Truly, love suffices.  With a little love one can do much…with much love one can do all things.

The world is dying…we must live and give it life.  It is frozen, this poor world…souls are cold as ice…can you not feel them all around you?  Let us warm them with the flames that come from the Sacred Heart and Holy Name of Jesus.

To see God in everything, that is the secret of sanctity.

Wherever Jesus is, there we are perfectly safe.

A soul that attaches itself to Jesus and never separates itself from Him, is capable of everything in His service; the road clears before it and difficulties disappear as it advances.

When a soul becomes a “soul of prayer”, prayer becomes the very breath of that soul and it should have the firm hope that divine life will animate it and become its own.  It should turn continually towards God as the needs turns towards the pole.  Thus fixed and directed it cannot go astray.

We should pray with great simplicity, like the happy child that finds itself with the best of Fathers.

What does it matter where we are, provided we be in the place where we can best give glory to Jesus!

Let us not stop so often to count the cost, but let us be brave and do for Our Lord’s sake what self-love would prevent us doing.

Make Jesus Christ your life; take Him under every form:  the Holy Eucharist and Holy Scripture.  Let Him be your Bread so that you may, in turn, communicate this divine Food to souls that are hungry for it.

May the Precious Blood of Jesus be your shield in the struggle, your strength in danger, your consolation in trouble, your refreshment in work;  may it bring you joy, peace and happiness.