Our Creed & Motto

We believe in God,
Creator of the Universe
Through whose incarnate Word –
Jesus Christ
We are called to become participators
In bringing creation
To its fulfilment.

We believe that as religious women
We are called to announce
By what we say, by what we do
But more importantly, by who we are
This Good News of Jesus Christ.

We believe that as Church
We are engaged in this mission
And that following in the footsteps
Of Dominic and Catherine
And our Foundress,
Mother St. Dominic of the Cross
We undertake this adventure in
The spirit of Truth and Justice
Compassion and Simplicity
Firmly rooted in a life of prayer and contemplation.

We believe that
Through the value of community living,
We shall fulfil God’s plan
And thus we commit ourselves to
The empowerment of each other
and all others of
Respect, Forgiveness, Friendship, Dialogue and Love.

We believe that at the heart of Community living we are constantly called to conversion – personal and communal and that this process is a journey
from fear into freedom
from falsehood into truth
from selfishness to self-giving
from pain into joy
from darkness into light

for we believe that we share in the

Resurrection of the Lord…


Our Motto

In Cruce Vita;
In the Cross, there is life