– August 2011

August 1

Sr. Augele Legrand was born in France in 1837.  After her religious Profession she offered herself to be sent to Trinidad to replace one of the sisters who had died during the 1869 yellow fever epidemic.  She was assigned to Cocorite where, for a few years, she helped caring for the lepers.  The she was assigned to the St. Dominic’s Convent where she lovingly took care of the children.  She died in the convent on August 1, 1924.  She was 87 years old, had been professed for 64 years and spent 50 years in Trinidad.

August 2

Sr. Rosa Rawlins was born in Trinidad in 1886.  She received her religious formation in Trinidad and was assigned to the convent of Cocorite where she helped caring for the lepers.  In 1926, she went with the sisters when the leprosarium was transferred to the island of Chacachacare.  She was often sick so one day she went to the Port of Spain Hospital; she was admitted in the emergency unit.  It was there she died, surrounded by some of her Dominican Sisters of the Holy Name Convent, on August 2, 1934.  Sr. Rosa was 48 years old and had been professed for 20 years.

August 3

Sr. Christina Dillinger was born in the province of Bavaria in Germany in 1875.  Brought up in a very Christian family, when she was 18 years old she was so full of the love of God that she wanted to become a martyr.  As a young woman, she travelled from Germany to North America where in New York she met a Dominican religious from Trinidad, Fr. Betrand Cothonay.  On hearing about her desire, he invited the young Marie to come to Trinidad and to devote her life to the care of lepers.  She accepted the offer, came to Trinidad, was introduced to the Dominican Sisters and joined them.  After receiving some religious formation she was assigned to the convent of Cocorite.

In 1926 she went to Chacachacare with the other sisters when the Cocorite leprosarium was transferred to this island.  Sr. Christina continued the same work there until 1950 when the Sisters withdrew from Chacachacare.  She was then assigned to the Holy Name Convent in Port of Spain where she spent her days in prayer.  She died on August 3, 1958 at age 83.  Sr. Christina had been professed for 58 years which were spent in Trinidad.

August 4

Sr. Hilaire Ganteaume was born in Trinidad in 1854.  She entered the Congregation at Holy Name in Trinidad and was sent to Etrépagny in France for her religious formation.  After her Profession she came back to her homeland where she worked in our convents for a few years.  Then she returned to France and was assigned to the convent of St. Nicolas.  It was there that she became ill and died on August 4, 1920.  Sr. Hilaire was 66 years old and had been professed for 46 years.  She was buried in the Sisters’ cemetery in St. Nicolas.

August 6

Sr. Marie Eulalie Yvon was born in France in 1865.  After making her Profession she offered herself to be sent to Trinidad.  She was assigned to the Cocorite Convent where she devoted herself to the care of lepers.  Eventually she became ill and during her illness entered into a deep union with God – she had a special attraction for the saintly life of the Dominican Blessed Henry Suso.

Sr. Marie Eulalie died on August 6, 1910 at the age of 45.  She had been professed for 18 years and spent 13 years in Trinidad.

August 7

Sr. Marie Ange de Noussane was born in France in 1895.  She was of small statue and had poor health but was endowed with a strong will to overcome physical illness and even surgery.  Not only was she admitted into our Congregation but after her Profession she trained as a nurse at our Levallois hospital and then, fully qualified, took care of patients.

Sr. Marie Ange had one great desire and it was to go to Chacachacare to nurse lepers there.  Her wish was granted.  However, God had another plan for her after a few years of this noble service.  In 1945, Sr. Marie Ange was assigned to the Holy Name Convent and was appointed as the first Novice Mistress of the Trinidad Dominican Novitiate which started in early 1946.  In 1949, she was succeeded in the post by Sr. Elisabeth du Sacré Coeur and Sr. Marie Ange was sent to Montreal, Canada, to help with the new foundation.  She was eventually recalled to France to be the Prioress of the Angeville community.

Sr. Marie Ange died on August 7, 1960 at the age of 65.  She had been professed for 42 years and spent eight (8) years in Trinidad.

August 8

Sr. Marie Dominique Merle was born in France on July 8, 1904.  At the age of 18 she entered our Congregation in the convent of Bonnay.  After her Profession she offered herself to be sent to Trinidad.  Her assignation was for the Convent at Chacachacare.  There she cared for the lepers for 25 years until the withdrawal of the sisters from the island in 1950.  Then she was one of the sisters who went to La Desirade island, close to Guadeloupe, to continue their work of mercy at this other leprosarium.  After giving so many years of this labour of love, Sr. Marie Dominique fell ill and died in Guadeloupe on August 8, 1991.  She was 88 years old and had been professed for 67 years.  She spent 25 years in Trinidad.

August 10

Sr. Marie Hyachinthe Erbland was born in France in 1851.  After her Profession she offered to be sent to Trinidad.  She was accepted and her assignation was for the St. Dominic’s Convent in Belmont.  Though in poor health, she nonetheless dedicated 36 years of her life caring for the children of the orphanage.  She died there on August 10, 1920.  She was 69 years old, had been professed for 45 years and had spent 36 years in Trinidad.

August 11

Sr. Barbara Clifton was born in Trinidad on December 25, 1912.  She entered the Dominican Novitiate at Holy Name when she was in her thirties and made her First Profession on June 16, 1951 at the age of 39.  In 1953, Sr. Marie Ancilla (the first religious name given to her) was assigned to the community of Ville Jacques Cartier, Montreal, Canada where she was a great help to this new foundation which cared for under privileged children.  In 1979, Sister was transferred to the other Canadian Trinidad foundation in Toronto, the Catholic Centre for West Indians.  Sr. Barbara (who took back her baptismal name after Vatican II) went to work there.

She accomplished much with poor health.  Sr. Barbara returned to Trinidad to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her religious Profession held on June 16, 2001.  She joined the St. Augustine community and it was there that she died on August 11, 2002 at the age of 90.  She spent 48 years in Canada.

August 29

Sr. Maria Benedicta Ramirez was born in Trinidad on February 25, 1928 into a well-known family in Port of Spain.  At the age of 25 she made her First Profession in our Congregation;  from then on, she taught at the Holy Name Secondary School.  Sr. Maria Benedicta had the special gift of attracting children and youths.  From 1974 to 1977 she became a member of our Point Fortin community where she continued teaching in our Point Fortin Preparatory School, Clifton Hill.  In 1978 she was back at Holy Name to celebrate the silver anniversary of her Profession.  In the years that followed, her health deteriorated rapidly.  In 1981 a major spinal surgery caused her much suffering and gave poor results.  Suffering became her daily companion.  She was never heard complaining.  On the contrary, she was joyful and full of humour.  She was the Holy Name praying nun and many called on her with deep trust in the power of her prayers.  In the community she was always ready to render little services.  She was most dependable for passing on messages.  She used her hands for making rosaries;  the Rosary was her favourite prayer.  Her infectious “joie de vivre” conquered many a heart.

Sr. Maria Benedicta died at the Holy Name Convent on August 29, 1999.  She was 71 years old and had been professed for 46 years.